Mesahat Foundation for Sexual and Gender Diversity supports queer youth leaders in the Nile Valley Area (Egypt and Sudan) through programs in three focus areas:

1) Leadership and Capacity Building:

· Building the Capacities & Leadership Skills of the Current or Prospective Queer Youth leaders in the Nile Valley Area (Egypt & Sudan).

· Leadership Assessment through Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses.

· Trainings and workshops

2) Holistic Security (Digital Security, Personal Safety, and emotional and psychological well-being)

· Provide security and safety Plans & assessments.

· Facilitate communication and networking between Sudanese and Egyptian LGBTQI activists and digital security experts and NGO’s for continuous support and follow up.

· Provide Training on Personal Safety and Digital Security Issues.

3) Documentation:

· Documenting violence based on sexual orientation and gender identity "SOGI".

· Writing& Publishing Country Reports

· Creating documentary films introducing the political, social, cultural, and religious contexts in which LGBTQI individuals live in and document their life experience and oral history living as Queer individuals in Egypt and Sudan.